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Rental Management

Through the service of Rental Management of Finques Canals, the property will have more security and reliability in your rental.

We manage all the operations that entails renting a house before renting it and during the rental periode.

  • Advice to rent the house.

  • Advertising and marketing.

  • Search of interested and visits to housing for rent.

  • Signing of the most convenient lease between owner and tenant.

  • Conflict resolution, following the instructions received from the property.

  • Contracting of SUPPLIES (water, gas, electricity).


  • Follow up of the UPDATES and finalizations of the LEASE CONTRACT.

  • Control of access and departure of tenants and SUPERVISION of the state of the house and its equipment, issuing report for the return of the deposit.

  • Elaboration of inventory of appliances and appliances.

  • Management of INCIDENTS with the tenant and attention of the same.

  • Legal assistance for non-payment of income.

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